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"The Power of Beginning"

The most important part of any project is the beginning. Just begin and follow through and you will be amazed at the momentum. The creative power of the universe responds by lining up the details to bring it into manifestation. Coincidences begin to occur. Your job is to choose and then begin.

Tags: Beginning, Manifestation, Productivity, Creation, Motivation

"Manifestation Fill-in-the-Blank Formula"

Here’s a simple technique you can adapt to your own style. First, I’ll give you the formula as I currently use it. Next, I’ll discuss each word so you’ll see how it has evolved into its present state. Then, I’ll add some supporting information to provide you with a ready-to-go affirmation for your own experimentation. This manifestation technique is built around one simple sentence . . .

Tags: Manifestation, Productivity, Law of Attraction, Affirmation, Creation

"Beyond Science, Philosophy and Religion"

Is truth absolute or relative? Is there anything beyond science, philosophy and religion? Many of the world's top quantum physicists think there is. Celebrate life by stretching your imagination.

Tags: Science, Philosophy, Religion, Quantum Physics, Consciousness

"The Law of Attraction"

With anything as important as the law of attraction, it's a good idea to hear it described many times from many different angles. This article looks at it from several viewpoints as well as revealing how to get the understanding of the law of attraction from the prime source. Many links are provided including links to streaming mp3 songs that incorporate the principles of attraction in the lyrics. Celebrate life with an ever-clearer grasp of how the law of attraction determines your life experience.

Tags: Awareness, Manifestation, Productivity, Inner Guidance, Law of Attraction

"Simple Toning Meditation"

When it comes to meditation and contemplation, all we really need is a simple technique that produces obvious results. Celebrate life through this easy method of calming the mind and getting in closer touch with your inner being.

Tags: Meditation, Contemplation, Spiritual Exercises, Toning, Chanting, Alpha

"How Do You Feel About Inner Guidance"

Is it a hunch? Is it a voice in your head? Is it something you feel? This article explores inner guidance and the dramatic impact it has for those of us who pay attention to it. Don’t confuse what you feel with who you are. Why is this important? Once you are able to access this awareness of pure being and identify yourself with it, you won’t get carried away by whatever emotional cloud happens to be passing by. Celebrate life through one of the more subtle forms of communication available to us.

Tags: Inner Guidance, Guardian Angels, Emotions, Feelings, Law of Attraction

"The Dilemma of Desire"

What is desire? Where does it come from? Why do we have it? Does it serve us in a positive way, or does it distract us and keep us perpetually discontented? This article sheds some light on these important questions so that each of us can find our own answers.

Tags: Desire, Awareness, Manifestation, Productivity, Law of Attraction

"Reverence for Life Through Nature"

An interesting chance meeting with a shaman on the beach in Mexico put into motion a stream of events that could never have been foreseen. This article explores the seeds of creativity, as well as the celebration of all life through nature.

Tags: Reverence, Nature, Natural, Outdoors, Outside

"The Six Mistakes of Man"

We share the journey, even though each journey is unique. It’s encouraging to know others are also interested in the mysteries of life. It’s inspiring to see others dedicated to living life to the fullest, in spite of the fact that humanity has been making some of the same mistakes for centuries.

Tags: Awareness, Productivity, Relationships, Spiritual Journey, Togetherness

"Communication - Friend or Foe"

Our communication skills can make or break us. This article includes some refreshing insights on communication from an unusual vantage point. Celebrate life with newfound attitudes about the art and science of communication.

Tags: Communication, Relationships, Talking, Awareness, Friend

"Being Present Through Sensuality"

The idea is to occasionally turn off the senses in order to better tune into the aliveness that lies beyond them. The realization that there is something beyond the world of the five senses can provide an “aha” experience, especially at first. With the senses turned off (or even turned down), there remains a vibrant sense of aliveness – the world of feeling and the realm of being.

Tags: Sensuality, Awareness, Meditation, Feel Good, Joy

"Belief vs. Knowing"

How do you discern between something known and a habitual thought – a belief?

“But after careful observation and analysis, when it agrees with reason and it will benefit one and all, then accept it and live by it.” – Buddha (563 B.C – 483 B.C.)

The first step is to recognize that the vast majority of our beliefs are based not upon our own personal experiences and revelations but upon anecdotal evidence and the recommendations of other people, past and present.

Tags: Belief System, Faith, Philosophy, Knowing, Truth

"Meaningful Spiritual Relationships -
Namaste Matters

Celebrate life with this insight on how to take your personal relationships to a whole new level. To me, a spiritual relationship exists between any two people who recognize and acknowledge that deep inside, we are the same. Behind the faces, beyond the reach of social conditioning, deeper than individual egos, we are identical. We are presence, consciousness, pure knowingness - the awareness of “I am.” We are life itself.

Tags: Relationships, Communication, Awareness, Consciousness, Love

"How to Keep Your Word"

Here's a poignant reminder of the power of your word and its creative potential. Celebrate life by honoring your word . . . and therefore the people with whom you interact.

Tags: Word, Honor, Communication, Relationships, Manifestation

"Work - Just a Job or Visible Love"

Do you love what you do and do what you love? Here's a step-by-step method on how to put your passions to work and start living the life you were born to live.

Tags: Job, Career, Productivity, Passion, Purpose

"Facing Fear with Deliberate Awareness"

Fear is over-rated. We do it to ourselves. Fear has no reality other than our attention to it. Deliberately steer your attention to pictures in your imagination that emphasize what you want to happen – (instead of what you most dread) . . . and fear dissipates.

Tags: Courage, Fear, Afraid, Awareness, Personal Development, Law of Attraction

"Take Time for You"

Don't put yourself at the end of the list. You deserve to be first, at least some of the time. Don't let your entire life slip by with everything else (and everyone else) getting preferential treatment over your most important priorities. Their needs are important, but yours are important too. Celebrate life by taking time for YOU!

Tags: Priorities, Scheduling, Passion, Life's Purpose, Rest

"Gratitude for Home and Family"

Home and family are literally the center of our universe, but how often do we take them for granted? Celebrate life through gratitude for our sense of home and the people we share it with.

Tags: Home, Family, Gratitude, Relationships, Communication

"Don't Take it Personally"

Why do people criticize? It's not about you – it's about them. When you get criticized, here's what to do with it – don't take it personally. Praise can be just as harmful (but sneakier) – don't take it personally. If you're a habitual critic, here's how to stop . . . but don't take it personally.

Tags: Communication, Awareness, Purpose, Criticize, Relationships

"Action and Satisfaction"

Balancing the realms of being and doing seems to be a healthy objective – on a personal level as well as on a global level. When our perpetual propensity to do is inspired and driven by “who we are” – the realm of being . . . then our actions bring satisfaction.

Tags: action, satisfaction, productivity, motivation, activity, accomplish

"Integrity Through Self-Reliance"

When you live your life as if the whisperings from your soul really matter, you are living life in your own way, on your own terms, based on your own realizations on what is right . . . what is good . . . and what is true for you. You are tuned into your own station. The signal you are receiving and the message you are broadcasting with the story of your life are both on the same frequency. You are joyfully and gratefully choosing your favorites from the buffet of life.

Tags: Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Sufficiency

"Goal Setting or Let Go and Let God"

There are two approaches people use to manifest their desires. Some set goals. Others surrender and presume the universe is conspiring to deliver to them their every desire without strain, in its own way and in its own time. Which way is better? Can these two methods be used together?

Tags: Goal-Setting, Goals, Manifest, Desire, Surrender

"Make Assumptions Obsolete
by Communicating

We assume because we don’t know. We don’t know because we don’t ask. We don’t ask because we act as if we already know. Or, we don’t want to appear stupid. So we make an assumption. Then we forget it is merely something we made up, and we behave as if it’s a fact. When the facts are known, it would never occur to us to assume. The solution is clear communication. When we know the truth, assumptions are forever unnecessary.

Tags: Assumptions, Assume, Communicate, Communication, Talk

"Choose the Companionship of
Positive People Who Inspire You

If the people you spend the most time with are inspiring, supportive, encouraging, and they demonstrate qualities you want to emulate – great, you are on the right track. If not, it's up to you to do something about it. Life is too short to put up with other people's pity parties, bitch-and-moan marathons, and oh-woe-is-me clubs.

Tags: Positive People, Supportive Companions, Support Group, Inspiring Friends, Good Company, Encouraging Acquaintances

"Methods as Temporary Tools
Instead of Lifetime Crutches

We are obsessed with our methods. We become attached to our particular way of doing things. The trouble comes when we cling to an old method that we have outgrown. We feel bogged down and then stuck when our personal development potential is being limited by an outdated method. If your method feels more like a crutch than a tool, it’s time to take an objective look at it. Is the method in question bringing you peace and joy? Is it helping your personal growth, or is it just a familiar and comfortable habit of thought?

Tags: Methods, Technique, Habit, Crutch, Rut

"Choose Excellence and Lose Mediocrity"

What if you knew that a life of excellence was lurking right around the corner, if you would only prioritize your moments in such a way so that you could recognize it. Take an objective look at the various activities of your life. Get inspired to lose the mediocre and make room for something better.

Tags: Excellence, Priorities, Productivity, Choice

"Good Listener Secrets -
Listen with Your Heart

When someone is talking to you, do you hear with your ears, monitor with your mind, or listen with your heart? Invest a few minutes thinking about the importance of listening well – a deliberate conscious act – and watch your relationships grow to a new level of closeness and understanding.

Tags: Good Listener, Listen, Communication, Talk

"Persistence and Perseverence for Winners -
Losers Just Quit

Giving up is easy. Most people make a habit of giving up. In fact, they make a life of it. Persistence through a solution-oriented attitude is for visionaries, dreamers and other winners who refuse to take “no” for a final answer.

Tags: Persistence, Perseverance, Give Up, Quit, Throw in the Towel, Call it Quits, Steadfastness


"Balancing Desire with Contentment"

It’s a fine line we walk between wanting more and feeling satisfied with what we have. Desire is unavoidable – it comes with the territory. So, the trick is to find the balance. There’s a middle ground to be found where deep feelings of contentment and satisfaction are spiced with the delicious excitement of something more on the horizon.

Tags: Desire, Contentment, Satisfaction, Want, Happiness


"Ego or Soul - Who's Driving?"

Even though I identify my sense of self with soul, there seems to be another “something” inside forever jockeying for position and making its presence known. This is the ego. What’s the difference? How can you know which one is in charge? What are their characteristics? Since I prefer peace to mayhem and contentment to perpetual, blind striving, my goal is to keep soul in the driver’s seat as often as possible. Instead of an either/or situation, I like the idea of soul and ego peacefully coexisting in a manner that best serves the greater good.

Tags: Ego, Soul, Spirit, Self


"Enhance Your Self-Image on Purpose"

You are the creator of the moments of your life. This present moment is all you have. Create it on purpose, from the center of your being, as expressed through a self-image you create and continually re-create for yourself. When your self-image is of your own creation, it is natural for you to like yourself — love yourself. With this kind of personal satisfaction, your moments become happy. Happy moments mean a joyous life. Your self-image is all about you . . . so build it any way you’d like it, and make it on-purpose.

Tags: Self-image, self-confidence, independence, purpose, integrity, character, sense of self, self-worth, self-esteem


"Consciously Programming Your Subconscious Mind Before Sleep"

We are all continuously feeding our minds with the words we read, the audio we hear, and the images we see on the screen. The ideas we expose our minds to immediately before going to sleep are powerful. They sink deep into our subconscious mind as we ease into the alpha state of consciousness, as part of the sleep cycle. Here, the subconscious mind reviews the ideas over and over, not because they are the most important, but simply because they were the most recent. For a life of excellence, you must be the proactive, deliberate, aware, and conscious gatekeeper and feed your mind on purpose.

Tags: Sleep, Programming, Subconscious, Alpha

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* Maximum impact for your time is assured by the optimum length of each video - short enough so you will actually watch them, but long enough to do you some good. This perfect length is based on what we've become accustomed to, with network television programs - from 20 to 25 minutes . . . (with one important difference - these "Inspired on Purpose" videos have NO commercials!)

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